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Partnering With Us

Strong partnerships are the hallmark of our business.

Below are some of the ways we work with partners to take the ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP companies to the next level.

Operating Partners

┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP Operating Partners are deeply experienced managers who have spent their careers developing relationships and expertise in a specific sector.


┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP is constantly seeking business opportunities in sectors where we have domain expertise. Many ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP companies were originally introduced to us by intermediaries. If you are representing a business undergoing financial and/or operational challenges in a sector where we have domain expertise, please fill out the form below.

Business Owners

If you are seeking to sell your business or to identify a financial partner who can assist you in maximizing its value, ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP might be your solution. For business owners choosing to sell their business or to divest of non-core assets, ┐█┐█┤ź├ŻAPP can rapidly assess the business, providing an ability to transact quickly, discreetly and efficiently.

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